Good News...FINALLY... September 2011 :
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Good News...FINALLY... September 2011

by Ryan Davis on 06/25/12

Good News...FINALLY... September 2011

Well, since I last posted, I had scans. The news was not so good. I'm sure your thinking, "what the title says good news..." well, just hold on. I finally figured out how to blog so i can keep you updated more often. Last time I posted, i was on a phase I trial in Nashville. I had scans while on that trial and it showed progression. I had 3 new places in my liver and the lesion I had there had grown. So they took me off that trial and had already put me in the works for a new one! It is the trial I had wanted to go on all along. I had done a lot of research on this new drug and wanted to get on it but they thought my decreased heart function would keep me from getting on it. Well, they figured it through and I was able to get on the trial. I started it the next day! So this chemo is every 3 weeks. It has minimal side effects. I get tired and feel achy for a few days but pretty good. I have been on it for 1 cycle which is 3 times or 9 weeks. I had scans on September 14th and there is the good news!!  Scans showed that the chemo is working GREAT! the places I had on my chest, neck, under my arm, and in my lung, have all been resolved! The lesion on my liver has gone from a 3.3 cm to a 1.9 cm lesion! So it is working on my cancer!! Such a great report after so many not so good ones! I keep my perspective looking up as I know God is always in control, being human, it is hard not to worry and think it just isn't going to go away...but just when you need Him, He is there proving once again how awesome and mighty He is! God is taking care of me and i am a living miracle and living proof of it! I have the most aggressive, fastest growing, and hardest to treat breast cancer. I am still here, doing well, living my life and praising God for everyday He gives me with my family!! Please don't take the little things for granted! Cherish every moment our great God gives you!! Thank you all for the prayers and please continue.

God Bless,



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