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Houston, TX MD Anderson

by Ryan Davis on 08/08/12

Houston, TX MD Anderson

Well, I had scans and saw my doctor August 6th. I knew something was going on in my abdomen just not sure how much. Scans proved i was right. The tumors I had on my liver that were shrinking are now growing. I have 2 new tumors on my liver in a different place. So i have several tumors of different sizes on both sides of my liver. Since my liver is not functioning correctly due to the tumors. My spleen is enlarged. It is 3 times the size it should be and is pushing on my stomach causing me to not get hungry. So, i could go on a different chemo but my doctor and me and John have decided it is in my best interest to go to MD Anderson in Houston, TX to see what they can offer me. They have tons of trials there and hopefully one of them i will qualify for. There are many stipulations that go with these trials. It depends on how many chemos you have been on, what kind you have been on,  your heart function, liver function, blood counts, i could go on and on. So i hope and pray that i can get on one. What does this mean??? Well, i will be spending a lot of time in Houston. We have not decided yet on where we will stay, hotel or camp or what. Not sure who will be going with me. At first, John will go, but school starts August 24th so i'm not sure what will happen. We really can not afford money wise for him to miss work so it will be a touchy situation. I wish we could have gone at the beginning of the summer but my tumors were shrinking then! So please keep us in your prayers that all works out. I hope and pray we can find a treatment and can work around school and schedules. We will fly out there unless we decide to camp. I'm not real sure i want to drive all that way with a camper, so we might opt to fly. We'll just have to see how it goes. A lot of unsure feelings and excited feelings. I'm excited about a new treatment that could possibly get rid of my cancer! then at the same time i'm really scared to be leaving home and my kids. It will be tough but I try to remember it will only be for a short while. Thanks for all the prayers

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