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New Update

by Ryan Davis on 06/25/12

New Update

Hello everyone, I'm so sorry I've not blogged in a while. A lot has gone on since the last time i wrote. I had been having pain in my abdomen, talked to my doctors here and in nashville. They both said different things. The one in Nashville said it felt like  a pulled muscle where I had the stomach bug a few days back. My doctor here said it was probably an ulcer. So I had an endoscopy procedure that showed some spots in my stomach that were pre ulcerous, they gave me some medication for it and sent me home. The pain did not stop. I started hurting more, i could feel a large mass in my stomach. I started getting where I was not ever hungry, and when i did eat i could only eat a very small amount. I started having bad nose bleeds that I could not stop. It would take me 30 minutes to stop them. I went to an ENT, who cauterized
 my nose. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE! It was awefull i mean literally miserable for about a week. He mentioned that decreased liver functions could cause problems with blood clotting. hmmmm, But he said my last blood work showed good liver function. SO, dismissed. Well, i had a recheck with my endo doctor who said my mass felt like a hematoma, (4rd doctor who could not put it together) thought i needed an ultrasound to be sure. Went back the next day, the ultrasound tech was dumbfounded. did not have a clue what she was looking at. So she went and got yet another doctor to come in and see what she was seeing. He said there was a mass in there that looked like it was on my liver, i asked him if it could be my tumor grown. said he didnt think that is what it was because it had no blood flow. So we would wait for me next scans, (which was in 3 weeks) to see. I had a very itchy rash of little red pin point spots on my chest and arms to show up. So what do I do? Being the almost doctor that I am, (I really think I could pass for a doctor sometimes! I feel like i know more than they do!) I go online and do some research and come to the conclusion that the tumor on my liver had grown. Last scans in Nashville showed it to have shrunk to a 1 cm tumor. GOOD news, but all my symptoms led me to believe it had grown. I really don't know WHY the doctors at a research institute or my doctor here plus the ENT and Endo docs that i saw could not put the symptoms together to come to the same conclusion, but for some reason they did not. So i called nashville and asked if i could have my scans here at home and have them now instead of wait. they checked and said sure. I called my Onc nurse here in Rome, WHOM I LOVE, she is the best onc nurse ever! I told her i needed to schedule a ct of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis.. she laughed and said, "so are you scheduling your own procedures now" I laughed and said, " Uh yeah, i can't seem to get any doctors to do it and i know something is going on and i need something done now." so i got a CT scheduled for the next day. I had to call Nashville where i had been getting scans, have them overnight my scans to Rome and went for my CT. I had this done on a Friday and my Apt with my doc here was Tuesday, we were leaving for Vegas Wednesday for the NFR. I new the results were back so I called my onc nurse again to move my apt to monday. She laughed again and made the change. I went to my apt. the doc walked in and looked at me. i said, "well, how much has it grown." She said, "A LOT" i knew it! It had grown to almost 7 cm in just a few weeks. Very fast growing tumor. the mass i was feeling, that all my docs were feeling that the ultrasound showed, was a tumor. BUT no one could figure it out! I'm telling you, you HAVE to be persistent with doctors. You know your body, tell them what is wrong and make them check it. So i said to her, what chemo can i start today that will kick my ass. i need a chemo that will kick my ass, i'm tired of these puny chemos that quit working. SO she gave it to me! I started Tuesday on a chemo regimen. It was a two chemo cocktail that was gemzar and taxol. I take taxol and gemzar on day 1, then gemzar only on day 8 then i'm off 15 days then start over. The taxol is a very aggressive chemo, gemzar is milder. Since i was leaving for Vegas the next day, i had the gemzar tuesday and would have the double dose when i got back. Since my tumor grew I was kicked off the trial in Nashville.  So i have chemo and Wednesday night get on a plane to vegas. The next day i stayed in bed ALL day. Couldn't eat felt sick, tired and just yuck. Next day stayed in bed all day again... went out that night but only to sit with John while he ate upper with Tom Bourne and Chad Fairchild and the guys from Time Machine and Riding with Pride. Great people, but i'm sure my first impression was not the best! The next day I had severe pain in my side where my tumor was and could hardly walk but i sucked it up and we went shopping! But back to the hotel early to go to bed. I got to meet Joe Beaver! he told me to try a smoothie, LOVE YOU JOE! i got one that night and it was as good as the best steak you could eat. It helped that pain in my gut and made me feel a lot better! why didn't i think of that! it was the first thing i had eaten since we got there! I had to call me doctor to get a pain prescription sent out there. it was horrible, not my idea of a first trip to vegas! I didn't even get to see any rodeo! I did get to meet Dr. Anderson with Total Equine. All our horses are on that feed and you can not imagine the difference in our horses. it is amazing. They are all healthy looking and shiny and well mannered and great! LOVE IT, you need to try it. So i got to meet him finally and Tyler Magnus! Got autographs for our kids from Tyler and Joe and my kids were Ecstatic! it was a fun trip besides the fact of being so sick. i felt bad for John, he didn't even get to watch the final round on tv because i was in bed. he stayed with me and wouldn't leave me alone to go down to watch it. How awesome is my husband! He is the best and i could not do this without him!! So, i get back from Vegas and have my second chemo and boy did i ask for it! Yes, It kicked my ass! It is horrible, i lost my hair, (Third time) I have severe pain all over, feel sick, no appetite, things taste funny, sleepy, diareah,(sorry to mention that) Just not fun at all, but i saw my doctor before Christmas and we could not feel the tumor anymore at all so it must be working. Great! then i go back for 2nd round and my blood is too low to get chemo. Great, My white blood count was 500, it is supposed to be 5000-10000 SO i go almost 4 weeks without chemo cause my blood is always too low. I get a shot to bring it back up that makes your bones ache, and boy does it ever. BUT good news i was able to get chemo again last week! I had my day 8 yesterday and another shot to keep my blood up. So i have scans Feb 7th and find out Feb 14th what the chemo is doing. we'll see, i will let you know what i find out. Please pray the tumor has shrunk by half. Thank you all for keeping up with me and praying. Thank you for reading our magazine and supporting it! Please be patient and i promise i will do better getting it out on time and try to do a good job. remember, i put it together by myself and i have to do it even when i am on chemo so sometimes it gets late. Thank you for understanding! I love our magazine and Love doing it and it is the one thing i will not let John get rid of. It is all i have that keeps me busy and doing something! THank you!!

May God bless you all and remember he is still in the miracle business! I'm waiting on mine!! i know its coming!

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