Phase I Clinical Trial.. Sarah Cannon Research Institute May 30, 2011 :
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Phase I Clinical Trial.. Sarah Cannon Research Institute May 30, 2011

by Ryan Davis on 06/25/12

Phase I Clinical Trial.. Sarah Cannon Research Institute  May 30, 2011

Well, I have had scans...Not so good news! The tumor in my lung is gone, the tumor under my arm is gone, the tumor on my sternum has shrunk and the tumor in my neck has also shrunk... so you ask why is that bad news...well, i have a new tumor in my other lung, I have three new tumors on my chest, very tiny ones, I have a tiny spot on my liver.  SO, this means the chemo was not working. It worked on the ones I had but new ones grew. This is the PROBLEM I keep having. It is very frustrating. So I have changed gears! I have started a phase one clinical trial at Sara Cannon Research Institute in Nashville, TN. It is part of Vanderbilt University. I go for treatment every Monday. The first treatment was on May 9th. I was there for 12 hours. I had a reaction but they got it under control. It was a long day and I had to go back on Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday of that week to give blood samples. They are keeping up with me VERY close. It is a phase one trial meaning it was only started on human patients August 2010. It was tested on Monkeys prior to that. I have treatment every monday for 11 weeks. Then I will have scans to see if it is working. If it is I can stay on the treatment, if it is not, I will start another trial. I really like this place. They are very thorough and take good care of me! It is hard to leave my kids every week, but I keep thinking, it will be worth it when I get rid of this horrible disease! My parents, Nana & Papaw, are taking good care of my kiddos while we are gone! We have been staying with Tom & Shawna Bourne every Sunday night so we don't have to drive up Monday morning! I am so thankful they have let us stay with them! It has been fun to get to spend that time with them and get to see them so much! It has also been great for John and I because we get to have time to be together and be a couple! Not that I don't like being with my kids, trust me, I can't stand to be away from them. But it is good to be alone with John and when we get home and he has to go back to work I miss him so much! This is just another chapter in our breast cancer journey!! I feel God has a great plan for me and I know this SCRI is part of it!! I can't wait to get scans and see what is going on inside this crazy body of mine!! My hair is growing back and just like last time it grew back, it has curl in it! AND LOTS OF GRAY!  I wish it could have come back with NO gray but I guess I should just be glad to have hair again! I did hate to start shaving my legs again! It was nice not to have to shave them for 11 months!! So, I go for my 4th treatment in the morning, May 31, and I will let you know how scans go in a few weeks! Thank you as always for your prayers and well wishes! And also keep praying!! My journey is not yet over but boy do i have a story to tell when it is!!!! God Bless you all,



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