Summer time! :
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Summer time!

by Ryan Davis on 06/25/12

Summer time!

Well, I changed around my website so i had to redo my blog, sorry the dates are all wrong.

I love summer. The kids are all home, John is home, we get a lot of family time!
I had scans a few weeks ago. They showed the tumors shrinking! Great news. The big 8 cm tumor i had on my liver has gone way down. All my other tumors are gone, so the only ones left are on my liver and they are shrinking so that is great. I hate being bald in summertime! My head sweats so bad and it is really not appealing! It is amazing how much sweat your hair can hold and well, when you have no hair it just rolls off your head! I hate it. BUT it is part of healing so i deal with it!! I will have scans again on July 26th. I will let you know how they go, please pray for more shrinking!! I would like to be off chemo for a while or at least be on one that don't make my hair fall out. If they are shrinking, i will most likely stay on this chemo. If they are growing, i'll change chemo. i have been on 13 chemos. My cancer is the "bad" cancer. It doesn't get treated and go away and stay away. It learns how to grow with the poison i'm on and that is why i've been on so many chemos. I have a very aggresive cancer and it is hard to treat but i stay ahead of it and keep it under control.
Please be understanding and patient with the magazine. I do the magazine all by myself and with chemo every week it is tough to keep up. I do apologize and will do better! Thank you all for reading and Please keep me in your prayers!

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