Top 10 Dressage Horse Breed: Everything You Need to Know


Dressage is a competitive equestrian sport that requires immense skill and dedication to master. It is often referred to as the “ballet of horsemanship” due to its intricate movements and graceful nature. In order to excel in dressage, riders must be well-versed in both classical riding techniques and horsemanship fundamentals, this combination ultimately produces a harmonious and symbiotic relationship between horse and rider.

What is a Dressage Competition?

Dressage is a form of horsemanship and competitive sport that originated in the Renaissance. It is often compared to the ballet of the horse world, with riders guiding their horses through paces such as walk, trot, canter and gallop. A dressage horse’s performance must demonstrate the highest level of athleticism, obedience, and grace. At the elite levels, it is a beautiful art form that requires intense skill from both rider and horse. The goal of dressage training is to develop a horse’s natural athleticism, strength and suppleness so that he can react with ease to the rider’s commands. By focusing on the balance and harmony between horse and rider, the goal of dressage is for both horse and rider to move as one, performing movements with grace, precision, and elegance.

Best Horse Breed for Dressage

While any breed of horse can learn the basics of dressage, some breeds are naturally more capable of performing at advanced levels than others. The most commonly used breeds in dressage are:

Dutch Warmblood

The Dutch Warmblood is recognized as one of the best dressage horse breeds in the world. The breed has a long history of competing at the highest levels of international competition and has been known to produce some exceptionally talented horses that can even compete with Olympic champions. These horses have an impressive combination of athleticism, power, and finesse that makes them well-suited for the sport of dressage.


The Westphalian is a breed of horse that is popular among dressage riders. Originating from Germany, this breed has an elegant and distinctive look that makes it stand out in the dressage arena. Its heavy frame and powerful muscles make it ideal for carrying riders through complex movements. This breed is known for its intelligence and willingness to please its rider, making it a great choice for those looking to excel in dressage.


Hanoverian horses are a breed recognized worldwide for their grace and athleticism. They are often the preferred choice of dressage riders due to their beautiful conformation, intelligence and willingness to learn. Hanoverians have excellent gaits with big, powerful strides that make them ideal for the demanding movements of dressage. The breed is known for its strong hindquarters with well-defined musculature, and a beautiful head with gentle eyes.


Oldenburg is a robust, versatile and powerful warmblood horse breed from Germany. It is considered one of the best dressage horse breeds, making it popular for equestrian events such as Grand Prix Dressage. With its strong conformation, Oldenburg horses are also suitable for jumping and eventing disciplines in addition to dressage.


The Friesian breed originated in the Netherlands and is known for its impressive appearance and intelligence. The Friesian is a large, strong horse with long legs, an upright neck and a thick mane and tail. It’s also known for its high levels of athleticism, making them an ideal choice for dressage. This breed is also exceptionally brave and willing, making it well-suited to the demands of dressage.

Irish Sport Horse

Originate from Irish Draft and Thoroughbred bloodlines, making it an ideal breed for dressage. They are known for their intelligence, athleticism, and cooperative nature, making them a great companion for the serious dressage rider. ISHs have an impressive range of movement and an eagerness to learn, making them well-suited to the technical movements involved in dressage.


The Trakehner is a horse breed of the East Prussian Warmblood type that was developed at the beginning of the 19th century in East Prussia (now Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia). It is one of the oldest warmblood breeds in Germany and was used for cavalry horses by the Prussian army. Trakehners are known for their athleticism, willingness to please, and elegant appearance. They make excellent dressage horses, which has made them popular throughout the world.


The Holsteiner horse breed is a prized breed of sport horses originating in Germany. This breed has been used for centuries to perform dressage and show jumping, making them one of the most popular warmbloods internationally. The Holsteiner’s history dates back to the late 13th century when they were bred to be powerful yet agile war horses.


The Andalusian horse is one of the oldest and most respected dressage horse breeds. It originated in the Iberian Peninsula, where it was used for centuries by both civilian and military riders. The breed has a long history of providing faithful service to its owners, with some individuals having served emperors, kings and other members of high society.


The Lusitano is one of the oldest horse breeds in existence. This breed originated from Portugal and Iberian Peninsula, and were used for war horses by the Romans. The Lusitano was bred to be powerful and agile, making them excellent candidates for dressage. They have a high level of intelligence, allowing them to quickly pick up new skills and movements.

How Much is a Dressage Horse?

The cost of a dressage horse varies greatly, depending on the breed and quality. Generally speaking, an average dressage horse can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 or more. For competition-level horses, the price can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands. Quality bloodlines and training are essential for a successful dressage horse, and this can increase the cost. Additionally, it is important to factor in additional expenses such as feed, vet bills and stabling costs. Ultimately, the cost of a dressage horse should be considered an investment that will pay off over time with proper training and care.


What breed makes the best dressage horse?

When it comes to dressage, many people recognize the pure elegance and athleticism of the beloved Dutch Warmblood.

What is a good age for a dressage horse?

The ideal age for a dressage horse varies depending on the rider’s experience and the horse’s level of training. Generally, horses in their prime are between 8 and 10 years old, although some highly-trained horses can compete at higher levels beyond 12 years or more.

What is the hardest dressage movement?

The canter pirouette is widely considered to be the most difficult dressage movement. It requires the horse to remain in perfect balance as it performs a tight turning circle on three legs, with its head and neck turned one way and its hindquarters facing the opposite direction. This demanding maneuver takes years of practice and expertise to perfect, even for experienced riders and their well-trained dressage horses.

What makes a good dressage rider?

The best dressage riders have a special combination of qualities that make them ideal for this demanding sport. Chief among these is the ability to form a strong bond with their horse, and be able to communicate clearly and effectively through subtle body language and movements. Good dressage riders also have a good knowledge of horse care, training, nutrition and health maintenance, and are typically quite fit and strong.

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