How to Choose the Best Lasso Rope for Beginners?

lasso rope for beginners

Calf roping is a popular rodeo event that requires skill, finesse and the right equipment. The most important piece of gear for calf roping is your rope. It’s essential to have a rope that’s well-built, reliable and easy to use. This guide will help you choose the best beginner calf roping gear, including identifying the right material for calf ropes and factors to consider when making your selection.

3 Best Rope For Beginners

When it comes to choosing the right rope for calf roping, beginners should consider their skill level, body type and experience. There are many different types of ropes available to choose from, so selecting the best one can be a daunting task. To make your selection easier, here are three of the best ropes for beginner calf ropers:

Best overall

AJ Tack Wholesale Waxed Nylon Kid Rope


Colorado Saddlery Kid's Lariat
Colorado Saddlery Kid’s Lariat Cowboy & Cowgirl Rope

Best price

Weaver Leather Kid’s
Nylon Rope

Best Lasso Rope For Beginners

AJ Tack Wholesale Waxed Nylon Kid Rope

For all your lariat rope needs, AJ Tack Wholesale’s Waxed Nylon Kid Rope is the perfect solution. This reliable piece of gear is made in the USA with a twisted nylon sheath for superior strength, and waxed medium lay to provide a soft feel in the hand. It also features a high-quality hand-sewn leather burner that guarantees precise throws every time. At 20 feet long and 5⁄16 inches in diameter, this rope can be used for rodeo roping practice or just as a fun recreational activity. Your kid will have hours of safe entertainment with AJ Tack Wholesale’s Waxed Nylon Kid Rope!


  • High-quality material
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality


  • When heated it becomes a little sticky

Colorado Saddlery Kid’s Lariat 

Introducing the Colorado Saddlery Kid’s Lariat, a reliable, high-quality lasso that all aspiring little wranglers need! Since 1945, Colorado Saddlery has been trusted and renowned for building quality saddles and tack, including those used by some of the most famous Western figures such as John Wayne. Now your little cowboy or cowgirl can let their imagination run wild with this 5/16″ x 25′ professional lariat rope that’s tied with a genuine honda knot. Made with reliable nylon rope and waxed to maintain its strength and durability, your tot is sure to have hours of roping fun! Perfect for a Woody or John Wayne costume, this kid’s lariat is ideal for any rodeo enthusiast this season. Get ready for an incredible outdoor experience – pick up a Colorado Saddlery Kid’s Lariat today!

Colorado Saddlery Kid's Lariat


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate width and length
  • High quality
  • Nylon


  • Not easy to untangle

Weaver Leather Kid’s Nylon Rope

Weaver Leather Kid’s Nylon Rope is the perfect item for any young aspiring cowgirl or cowboy. Constructed with medium-lay waxed nylon and superior leather, this modern-day rein was built to last. With a sleek blue color and kid-friendly design, these ropes are sure to turn heads! It also features a rawhide burner for added strength and durability, as well as having a 20-foot length that provides plenty of room for larger animals. Weaver Leather has been a trusted manufacturer of quality leather and nylon goods since 1973, so you know that buying this rope is an investment worth making for years of enjoyment. Trust Weaver Leather to provide your children with the highest-quality rope on the market!


  • Strong and durable
  • Rope length of 20 feet
  • Ideal for beginners


  • The material can feel a bit cheap

Factors for Choosing

Choosing beginner calf roping gear may seem intimidating, but there are several key factors that should be taken into consideration before making any purchase. The right material, length and diameter are all essential when selecting the best calf rope for your needs.

  • Material: Beginner calf ropers should opt for a soft polyethylene or nylon rope that is lightweight and easy to handle. These materials are easy on the hands and provide sufficient knot strength to minimize wear and tear during performances.
  • Rope length: An ideal beginner calf rope should measure between 25 and 35 feet in length. This provides enough slack to ensure a safe distance between the roper and the animal while also allowing sufficient time to successfully lasso the calf. 
  • Rope diameter: A calf rope should measure between 3/8 and 5/16 of an inch in diameter. This diameter provides the optimal balance of strength and weight for beginner ropers to handle comfortably when throwing their lassos.

Material For Calf Ropes

When selecting calf ropes for beginners, the material of the rope is an important consideration. Roping can be a physically demanding activity and the right rope makes it easier and safer to perform. Popular rope materials used in calf roping include:

  • Polygrass ropes are composed of plastic filaments and provide lots of stretches. They work well when used in combination with a saddle horn to absorb the shock of quick stops. The downside is that poly grass ropes stretch more than other types, which can make them hard for beginners to control.
  • Poly calf ropes are often used by beginner ropers. They provide a good grip, do not stretch or shrink with wear and tear, and are lightweight. Poly ropes give you good control of the calf while adding to your roping experience. The material is strong enough to handle extensive use without fraying or breaking under strain.
  • Syngrass ropes are the best option for beginner calf ropers. They provide a lightweight feel, making them easier to carry and use. Plus, they have excellent durability and strength that can handle even the toughest roping conditions. The synthetic material also makes them resistant to wear and tear from the elements, making them an ideal choice for outdoor events.


Choosing the right calf rope can make all the difference when it comes to your roping performance. It is important to choose a rope that suits your needs and offers you the best control and feel while competing or practicing. It is also important to practice with your rope often in order to get comfortable with it before competing or performing in a show. With the right equipment, your calf roping will be more enjoyable and successful.

Product Recommendation

AJ Tack Wholesale Waxed Nylon Kid Rope

This rope is an excellent choice for beginners due to its adjustable length and lightweight design. Its durable nylon construction and comfortable foam handles also make it easy to use and control during workouts.

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