3 Best Lunge Lines for Horses On The Market

lunge lines for horses

A lunge line is a piece of equipment used to direct and control horses during exercise. It allows the horse to move around freely while providing the handler with enough control over their movements. Choosing the right lunge line for your horse is important in order to ensure that your horse has an enjoyable, safe experience.

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southwestern equine lunge line
Southwestern Equine
Lunge Line


intrepid international cotton lunge line
Intrepid International Cotton Lunge Line

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kensington flat nylon lunge line
Kensington Flat Nylon
Lunge Line

Top 3 Lunge Lines for Horses

When it comes to selecting a lunge line for your horse, there are several factors to consider. Here are the top three types of lunge lines chosen by experienced equestrians:

Southwestern Equine Lunge Line

Introducing the Southwestern Equine Lunge Line – the perfect solution for handling those playful or puller-type horses. Crafted from a thick 1” brass-plated snap and 24 feet of soft cotton web, this lunge line provides superior quality for maximum control when lunging. The grip-friendly rubber stop ensures that the rope stays in your hand, giving you complete command of the horse during training. The generous length gives ample room to move or turn with ease, ensuring that both the handler and horse get the most out of their practice. Manufactured with premium materials for a longer life, the Southwestern Equine Lunge Line is a professional’s choice when it comes to safe and successful equestrian training.


  • Wide range of colors
  • A thick 1″ brass plated snap 
  • 24 feet long 
  • Cotton lunge 
  • Rubber stop


  • Lightweight line

Intrepid International Cotton Lunge Line

The Intrepid International Cotton Lunge Line is the perfect accessory for your horse. Measuring 35 feet long, this rope gives you plenty of room to work with your horse during training. Constructed from cotton, it is strong and reliable and will keep up with all the rigors of everyday training. The natural color makes it great for horses who don’t get along well with bright colors, and a rubber stopper provides an easy way to catch your horse if he takes off. With its durability and long length, the Intrepid International Cotton Lunge Line is an essential piece of kit for any aspiring equestrian trainer looking to get the very best out of their horse.


  • 35 Feet Long 
  • Durable
  • Natural Color 
  • Rubber Stopper 


  • Twisting the rope

Kensington Flat Nylon Lunge Line

Introducing the Kensington Flat Nylon Lunge Line, the perfect choice for providing maximum mobility and control to your horse-training exercises. This 30′ long flat nylon lunge line is strong, durable, and equipped with high-quality components. The heavy-duty swivel brass plated bolt snap connector ensures a secure fit while the extra swivel 6 inches down the rope helps to prevent tangling. In addition, it features a looped handle for comfort and convenience when leading your horse. With this handy lunge line, you can easily oversee the progress of your training and modify your approach as needed for optimal results. Make sure you get the most out of each session with this versatile product from Kensington.


  • 30′ long by 1 inch wide
  • Heavy-duty swivel bolt snap
  • Additional swivel 6 inches down from snap


  • Lightweight

Horse Lunge Line Length

Choosing the right lunge line length for a horse depends on several factors, such as the size and experience of the horse, the type of lungeing work you are doing, and your personal preferences. However, a good general guideline is to use a lunge line that is at least 30 feet long.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a lunge line length:

  1. Horse size: If you have a smaller horse or pony, you may be able to get away with a shorter lunge line, such as 25 feet. However, larger horses will require a longer line to give them enough room to move and stretch.
  2. Lungeing work: The type of lungeing work you are doing will also affect the length of the lunge line you use. For example, if you are just working on basic lunging exercises, a shorter line may be sufficient. However, if you are doing more advanced work or working over jumps, you may need a longer line to give your horse more space.
  3. Personal preferences: Finally, your personal preferences and comfort level will also play a role in choosing a lunge line length. Some people prefer longer lines because they feel it gives the horse more room to move, while others prefer shorter lines because they are easier to handle.


Choosing the right lunge line for your horse is an important part of lunging. The length of the line you use should be determined by a combination of factors, including the work you are doing, the size and breed of your horse, and your personal preferences. By taking all of these into consideration when selecting a lunge line for your horse, you can ensure that you end up with a line that is both comfortable and effective for your horse. Lunging can be an excellent form of exercise for horses, and having the proper equipment helps to make it safe and enjoyable.

Product Recommendation

Southwestern Equine Lunge Line

It is made of soft, durable cotton that is easy on the hands and features a swivel snap for easy attachment to a halter or bridle. The line is 25 feet long, making it suitable for lunging and ground training exercises with horses. The product also includes a storage bag for easy transport and organization. The benefits of this lunging line include its durability, ease of use, and versatility in various training exercises with horses.

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