PBR Rider Standings

Bull riding is a dangerous and thrilling sport that requires skill, strength, and determination. The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) is the premier organization for bull riding competitions, featuring top riders from around the world. Each year, the PBR releases a list of the top bull riders based on their performance throughout the season. These standings are highly coveted among bull riders, as they reflect not only their ability to stay on the bull but also their consistency and success in competition.

The PBR top standings are determined by a point system, with points awarded for each qualified ride and for placing in each event. The riders with the most points at the end of the season are crowned the PBR World Champion and are awarded a substantial prize. This ranking system allows fans to track the progress of their favorite riders and anticipate the outcome of each event.

Rider Standings

1Jose Vitor Leme734.00$180,565BRA
2Kaique Pacheco662.50$151,006BRA
3Dalton Kasel640.50$136,569USA
4Andrew Alvidrez559.50$125,005USA
5Cooper Davis444.50$83,835USA
6Boudreaux Campbell424.00$76,146USA
7Rafael Jose de Brito399.50$89,465BRA
8Daniel Keeping387.50$101,853USA
9Luciano De Castro339.50$51,314BRA
10Dener Barbosa303.00$40,803BRA
11Keyshawn Whitehorse291.50$42,851USA
11Wingson Henrique da Silva291.50$50,118BRA
13Thiago Salgado277.50$36,385BRA
14Jesse Petri268.50$40,869USA
15Eduardo Aparecido268.00$38,440BRA
16Mason Taylor264.50$32,948USA
17Silvano Alves250.00$29,770BRA
18João Ricardo Vieira249.00$36,188BRA
19Eli Vastbinder210.00$54,726USA
20Tate Pollmeier200.00$28,990USA
21Rafael Henrique dos Santos189.50$28,912USA
22Marcelo Procopio Pereira189.00$15,913BRA
23Brady Oleson167.00$45,380USA
24Sandro Batista166.50$21,114BRA
25Jess Lockwood159.00$32,875USA
26Kyler Oliver156.00$22,537USA
27Koltin Hevalow154.50$13,896USA
28Casey Roberts149.00$33,136USA
29Derek Kolbaba143.50$18,983USA
30Manoelito de Souza Junior143.00$10,098BRA
31Bob Mitchell135.00$15,163USA
32Braidy Randolph130.50$9,650USA
33Ramon de Lima118.50$10,273BRA
34Colten Fritzlan108.00$9,387USA
35Austin Richardson106.50$17,068USA
36Ezekiel Mitchell97.50$7,238USA
37Marcus Mast96.50$9,445USA
38Chase Outlaw92.50$7,970USA
39Wyatt Rogers81.00$4,555USA
40Flavio Zivieri64.00$12,090BRA
41Tyler Manor63.50$9,723USA
42Dakota Louis61.50$8,165USA
43Mauricio Gulla Moreira61.00$4,985BRA
44Alex Cerqueira53.00$3,775BRA
45João Henrique Lucas44.00$3,300BRA
46Junior Patrik Souza43.00$1,000BRA
47Adriano Salgado42.50$1,942BRA
48Chase Dougherty40.50$5,113USA
49Briggs Madsen40.00$6,080USA
50Nick Tetz38.50$4,100CAN