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What You Need To Know About Steer Wrestling

steer wrestling

Steer wrestling, or bulldogging is a popular rodeo event that involves a contestant trying to wrestle a steer (an adult male bovine) to the ground by grabbing the animal around its horns. Steer wrestling has been an official event in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). It has a long history dating back to the 1890s when African American cowboy Bill Pickett invented it.


The technique for steer wrestling requires a combination of strength, agility and quick reflexes. To start the competition, the steer is released into the arena and the mounted cowboy must chase it down. To begin with, the contestant must vault from his/her horse onto the steer and quickly gain control by grabbing the steer’s horns. As a part of the technique, it is important for the rider to use their feet to help direct the steer in the correct direction. The cowboy then pins the steer to the ground. The steer must remain on its side with all four legs pointed outward for the time to count as valid.


When steer wrestling, animal welfare is of utmost importance. The safety of the steer and the horse are paramount. The goal of the sport is for the cowboys to catch and wrestle the steer as quickly and humanely as possible without injuring either animal or themselves in any way. In order to protect animals from long-term pain or injury, the International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA) and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) have adopted specific rules for steer wrestling. Every competition must adhere to regulations.

In 1994, an exhaustive study of steer wrestling was conducted by the American Society for Animal Science. The aim of the study was to identify any potential animal welfare risks associated with the sport.

The results were somewhat surprising – in fact, the study found that steer wrestling generally posed little risk to animals’ welfare. Instead, it highlighted the importance of proper animal handling techniques and the need for sufficient training for riders.

How to Steer Wrestling


Who has the fastest time in steer wrestling?

The fastest time recorded in steer wrestling was 2.4 seconds.

What is another name for steer wrestling?

Steer wrestling is also commonly referred to as bulldogging. It is a rodeo event in which the contestant must jump off his horse, approach a steer and wrestle it to the ground.

How big is a steer wrestler?

Steer wrestlers are big, strong athletes who weigh between 180 and 300 pounds.

What are steer wrestlers called?

Steer wrestlers are commonly referred to as “bulldogger”, a term that is believed to have originated from the fact that the rodeo cowboy must use his strength and agility to grapple with and wrestle a steer.

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