PRCA Bull Riding Standings 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of Standings Bull Riding, one of the most adrenaline-fueled and challenging sports in the world. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) is the governing body for bull riding and every year, the top 50 riders from around the country compete to earn a spot in the prestigious PRCA Standings.

The top 50 riders in the PRCA Standings are some of the most talented and skilled athletes in the world, with years of experience and dedication to their craft. Each event is a test of their skills and a chance to climb the ranks in the standings, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world champion bull rider.

Bull Riding Standings

1Jeff Askey$65,003.01Athens, TX
2Stetson Wright$59,546.05Milford, UT
3Josh Frost$47,981.97Randlett, UT
4Trey Holston$45,243.65Fort Scott, KS
5Coy Thorson$41,603.15Fergus Falls, MN
6Chance Schott$39,250.55Mclaughlin, SD
7Ernie Courson$37,690.96Okeechobee, FL
8Colton Byram$35,667.84Mound City, KS
9Trevor Reiste$34,422.82Linden, IA
10T.J. Gray$34,083.32Dairy, OR
11Ky Hamilton$33,120.46Mackay, QL
12Jestyn Woodward$32,498.60Custer, SD
13Koby Radley$31,984.17Montpelier, LA
14T Parker$30,725.15Winnie, TX
15Trey Benton$30,336.46Richards, TX
16Tristen Hutchings$29,195.78Monteview, ID
17Grayson Cole$26,317.25Fredonia, PA
18Cullen Telfer$25,154.36Plant City, FL
19Lukasey Morris$24,684.00Union City, OK
20Jack Gilmore$24,452.51Ironton, MO
21Dawson Gleaves$23,658.78Amarillo, TX
22Connor Murnion$23,629.69Jordan, MT
23Cody Teel$23,237.31Kountze, TX
24JC Mortensen$20,586.01Paulden, AZ
25Jeff Bertus$18,994.29Avon, SD
26Jacob O’Mara$18,178.48Montpelier, LA
27Sage Kimzey$17,022.28Salado, TX
28Hawk Whitt$15,975.54Thermopolis, WY
29Fulton Rutland$15,921.37Westville, OK
30JB Mauney$15,900.29Stephenville, TX
31Bryce Burnell$14,940.36Sheridan, WY
32Kase Hitt$14,882.68Ardmore, OK
33Jate Frost$14,848.87Randlett, UT
34Trey Kimzey$14,812.77Strong City, OK
35Tyler Taylor$13,958.80Stephenville, TX
36Ethan Skogquist$13,942.12Elk River, MN
37Cole Fischer$13,880.59Elk City, OK
38Clayton Sellars$12,565.15Wildwood, FL
39Cole Wagner$12,211.50Valier, MT
40Parker Breding$11,806.66Edgar, MT
41Lucas Mooningham$11,369.24Coldwater, MS
42Shawn Bennett$10,986.44Soper, OK
43Tyler Bingham$10,727.39Howell, UT
44Cole Hould$10,482.31Harve, MT
45Justin Houston$9,899.89Sandy, OR
46Garrett Norby$9,899.34Walsenburg, CO
47Jesse Hopper$9,798.46Mangum, OK
48Jace Trosclair$9,780.67Chauvin, LA
49Wade Berg$9,755.54Chaffee, ND
50Chauk Dees$9,548.34Sterling, OK