PRCA Standings Saddle Bronc 2023

The Saddle Bronc Riding event is known for its raw excitement and impressive displays of horsemanship. The top 50 cowboys in the PRCA Saddle Bronc Riding Standings are a testament to the level of skill and dedication required to excel in this event. These cowboys have traveled across the country, competing in some of the toughest rodeos in the world, to earn their spot in the top 50.

PRCA Saddle Bronc Standings

1Stetson Wright$72,309.01Milford, UT
2Zeke Thurston$49,997.23Big Valley, AB
3Sage Newman$41,332.99Melstone, MT
4Shorty Garrett$36,837.31Eagle Butte, SD
5Kade Bruno$34,023.11Challis, ID
6Jacobs Crawley$33,605.36Stephenville, TX
7Ryder Wright$31,029.14Beaver, UT
8Logan Hay$30,510.43Wildwood, AB
9Brody Wells$30,194.06Powell, WY
10Chase Brooks$28,875.11Deer Lodge, MT
11Wyatt Casper$28,361.92Miami, TX
12Brody Cress$28,349.97Hillsdale, WY
13Ryder Sanford$28,280.42Sulphur, LA
14Tanner Butner$27,858.28Daniel, WY
15Cash Wilson$27,180.21Wall, SD
16Ben Andersen$26,078.06Eckville, AB
17Dawson Hay$25,734.82Wildwood, AB
18Isaac Diaz$25,229.75Desdemona, TX
19Layton Green$24,437.20Millarville, AB
20Damian Brennan$18,082.05Injune, QL
21Houston Brown$17,550.89Miles City, MT
22Logan Cook$16,959.56Alto, TX
23Leon Fountain$16,868.21Corona, NM
24Kolby Wanchuk$15,397.55Sherwood Park, AB
25Q Taylor$14,573.02Casper, WY
26Spencer Wright$14,145.88Milford, UT
27Parker Fleet$13,907.65Axtell, TX
28CoBurn Bradshaw$13,668.94Beaver, UT
29Sterling Crawley$13,468.28Stephenville, TX
30Statler Wright$13,154.56Beaver, UT
31Jesse Kruse$12,629.78Fromberg, MT
32Wade Sundell$12,008.48Boxholm, IA
33Parker Kempfer$11,943.96Deer Park, FL
34Ross Griffin$11,798.53Tularosa, NM
35Reed Neely$11,419.87Sanger, CA
36Kole Ashbacher$11,009.61Arrowwood, AB
37Brady Hill$10,544.60Onida, SD
38Q McWhorter$10,401.64San Luis Obispo, CA
39Kody Rinehart$10,335.81Rienzi, MS
40Josh Davison$9,570.45Miles City, MT
41Cort Scheer$9,419.94Elsmere, NE
42Lefty Holman$9,334.74Visalia, CA
43Cole Elshere$9,047.74Faith, SD
44Lane Schuelke$9,014.19Newell, SD
45Clovis Crane$8,896.68Lebanon, PA
46Dean Wadsworth$8,862.80Buffalo Gap, TX
47Weston Patterson$8,837.66Waverly, KS
48Riggin Smith$8,510.00Winterset, IA
49Mitch Pollock$8,223.34Winnemucca, NV
50Joe Farren$7,977.23Cottondale, FL